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Grow the local food community!

Your contribution makes Farmshed's programs possible!

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Farmshed continues to create opportunities for community members to support their farmers and access healthy, locally produced foods.

Your contribution enables community members to:

  • Collaboratively grow vegetable plants in the greenhouse
  • Celebrate and meet local farmers at various events
  • Learn why purchasing local food circulates more money through area's economy
  • Pick up food from local farms weekly
  • Process food into value added products in the kitchen
  • Share a meal at the monthly community potlucks
  • Pick up a free copy of the Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas, a local food guide
  • Teach each other about the value of:
    • community input and engagement
    • intergenerational sharing of knowledge
    • learning important life skills
    • supporting local farms and businesses
    • volunteerism and how people make things happen!
  • Use Foodshare to purchase healthy foods at the Farmers' Market